What Makes a Smart Mirror “Smart”

What Makes a Smart Mirror “Smart”

A full-length smart mirror is one of the most versatile purchases you will make. Capstone Connected full-length mirrors are designed with your accessibility and product preference in mind. Functionality and beauty combined into an elegant mirror that will complement any décor.


Full Touch Screen Control


Thin Touch™ is Capstone’s unique technology providing the ultimate touch-screen experience. When Smart 1 Mode is selected, you can perform a variety of tasks using fully loaded applications included with purchase. Enhance your experience by easily downloading your favorite apps. Check email, weather and traffic at the touch of the screen.  Select your favorite browser and the world is literally at your fingertips.


Thin Cast™ technologies makes Capstone Connected mirrors shine. Whether you are a fan of Android or iOS products, when Smart 2 Mode is engaged, you can effortlessly access casting and mirroring resources from your smartphone. Your full-length smart mirror provides the flexibility to workout while following your favorite fitness video or participating in real-time classes that you subscribe to.


Additional Uses


Working from home? Your smart mirror streamlines efficiency in your workspace by allowing you to keep programs open without having to juggle on one screen. You can see who’s at the door and keep an eye on the kids without leaving your desk.


The full-length smart mirror is equipped with 4 integrated speakers and is portable. The dancer in the family will love honing their talent while participating in a livestreamed class, or watching a YouTube training video. 


An added benefit of the full-length smart mirror is that you can monitor your own technique while you work out. Viewing your favorite trainer or participating in a live-streamed class while observing your movement allows you to see your form and make corrections when needed. 


The entire family will love the versatile ways they can use your Capstone Connected full-length smart mirror. Call 888-570-8889 to learn more. Bring the future home.