Smart Technology to Keep an Eye on During Holiday Sales

Smart Technology to Keep an Eye on During Holiday Sales

Holiday Sales are everywhere! Smart technology is one of the most popular items that the public wants during holiday sales. People check manufacturers’ websites, online stores, and brick-and-mortar stores for the best bang for their holiday budget. It can be a confusing decision when there are so many offerings for smart devices available. We’ve done the research of some of the most popular and high-priority items to consider purchasing during this 2022 holiday sale season:


Smartphones – Always at the top of a wish list. Whether you’re an Android or iOS fan, companies advertise incredible sales this holiday season. Already upgraded? No worries! There are plenty of discounts on accessories for any smartphone.


Smart Home Security Systems – The popularity of DIY smart home security is growing exponentially. From digital security packages to additional external flood lights, there’s a huge selection of available, easy-to-install systems for your consideration. Keep your home safe for as long as you own it and save money doing so.


Smart Doorbells – Some manufacturers are including smart doorbells in their smart home security packages. For those with existing home security systems, adding a smart doorbell is the finishing touch to home protection. The prices on these have decreased since their initial market release, and many can be purchased on sale this year for less than half of their original manufacturers’ suggested retail cost. These units are built to last and provide consumers with that extra peace of mind.


Smart Thermostat – These devices provide long-lasting savings as they maintain more accurate temperature control than standard mercury-based thermostats. They are easily installed and integrate with other smart home technology seamlessly. A wise purchase this year.


Smart Vacuums – Another hit on the holiday sale train this year are smart vacuums. Easy to program for room size, and automatically adjust to floor heights and dirt levels, these smart tools are amongst the most popular smart home technology purchases for this holiday season. Offering self-cleaning on some models, homemakers are delighted with the idea of being able to clean floors on a schedule and hands-free.


Smart Mirrors – Unifying all smart home technology, the Capstone Connected smart mirror is the crowning glory of any smart home. Our proprietary technology affords the consumer the widest application of all smart home devices. Used as the smart home hub when synced with your smartphone, access, program, view, and command all of your smart home devices from your smart mirror. Added features include using your smart mirror for workouts, cooking, wardrobe coordination, speaker, and as an educational tool for your children.