Capstone Connected Smart Mirror vs. Other Smart Mirrors

Capstone Connected Smart Mirror vs. Other Smart Mirrors

When it comes to smart mirrors, you’ve got a lot of choices. We’re going to break down a quick smart mirror comparison of Capstone Connected’s Smart Mirror over other smart mirrors on the market.

Size Choices

When you start looking into these mirrors, you’ll find that most companies only offer one size. While this isn’t a total deal-breaker, it can be frustrating, depending on what you want to use your smart mirror for. If it’s just for use in the bathroom or another area of your home, this may not be a huge deal. You can get away with one size. 

Capstone is different in the fact that they currently offer two different sizes of mirrors. You can get the standard mirror that you mount on the wall. This is a great option to hang in your bathroom or bedroom so you can use it as you get ready for the day. The second size the company offers is a larger one meant for workouts. It measures 60-inches by 22.5-inches, and it’s large enough to stand on the floor and get a quick exercise in. 


Usually, when you get your average smart mirror, you get tethered to wherever you choose to put it. They can be a pain to hang up and take back down again to move the location. You may even find yourself getting frustrated when it comes to dealing with wires and having to find an outlet to station your mirror by if you choose a wired model. Most of them aren’t very portable, and they’re meant to stay stationary. 

Capstone changes this by making its smart mirror very portable. You can choose a wired option, but there is also the option to buy a separate battery pack and hook your mirror up to it. Doing so allows you to pick up the mirror and the battery pack and carry it wherever you want to go. Maybe you want to have your smart mirror in the bathroom as you get ready, but you want to move it to the kitchen area to catch the local news and check your commute before you head out the door. You can do this quickly and easily with Capstone’s smart mirror. 


Smart mirrors operate by having a tablet built-in behind the glass. When you switch it on, you see the screen through the mirror and can use it however you like. The problem with this is that you usually don’t get a great display, you can’t resize it, and the colors can look flat or dull since you’re looking at them through a thin pane of glass. While this isn’t terrible, the picture could be better. This is especially true if you’re doing something important like answering work emails or finishing up a project. 

Previous iterations of the Capstone Connected Thin Cast Smart Mirror have had some issues with the display due to the problems we outlined above that impact more smart mirrors. However, Capstone Connected took steps to address it, and this makes them more flexible. It allows for native Android or smartphone projection, and this allows you to get both a bigger and clearer picture than you can traditionally get with a smart mirror. It’s a great bonus for people who have trouble seeing or who just want a better picture overall. 

Sleek Look

Some smart mirrors can look clunky because they have to encase the tablet interface that projects onto the mirror when you turn it on. In turn, this can make the mirror stick out too far and have a slightly clunkier look and feel. In a more sleek and modern bathroom or room style, this would make it stick out in a bad way. 

The Thin Cast mirror is, as the name suggests, very slim. The tablet is sealed as well, and it has an IP64 waterproof rating, and this allows you to use it in the bathroom without worrying about the condensation getting between the glass and fogging it up or ruining the operating system. All of this gets wrapped in a very thin mirror with a thin frame around the edge. 

Multiple Profiles

When you buy an average smart mirror, you’ll notice that you can only use one profile. So, if you have multiple people using it, it’s not possible for all of you to log in under your own profile and save your settings. If you live alone, this won’t be much of an issue. However, anyone who lives with family, friends, or a significant other that uses the mirror may run into issues. 

Capstone solves this problem by allowing for more than one profile in a single mirror. So, you could set one up with all of your preferences and save it before allowing someone else to set up their profile. You can check the commute before you leave, and the other person could set up their commute to check it while running out the door without getting any wires crossed. This is a great feature if you want to check your emails or work on projects before leaving, but you need to secure them so no one else can get into them. 

Make Your Own Smart Mirror Comparison and See Why Capstone’s Comes Out on Top

As you can see, the Capstone Connected Thin Cast Smart Mirror is a great option to consider when you’re searching for your new smart mirror. Not only is it responsive and sleek, but it’s also very flexible while offering a host of great features. We invite you to take a look, compare them for yourself, and draw your own conclusions as to which smart mirror is going to fit your lifestyle the best.