Capstone Smart Mirrors: Perfect Christmas Gifts for Technology Lovers

Capstone Smart Mirrors: Perfect Christmas Gifts for Technology Lovers

Technology seems to be on everyone’s Christmas wish list this year, but real technology lovers are always difficult to buy for. Gifting them a Capstone Connected Smart Mirror will be an unexpected and delightful surprise! If they’re a true connoisseur of the best technology on the market, and always the first to purchase the latest and greatest, the one item that’s probably missing from their technology arsenal is a Capstone Connected smart mirror. 


What does a Capstone Smart Mirror Add to the Smart Home?


Our smart mirrors add the gift of time. No more running between smart home devices to program schedules, look at files, check email, or stream services. The smart mirror becomes the central hub for the smart home. Our portable mirror design provides for permanent mounting or allows for the flexibility to be used free-standing in a variety of rooms throughout the home. Morning routines can be simplified as the news, weather and traffic reports, and the family calendar can all be viewed while getting ready to leave for the day.


Saves money. Many Capstone Connected smart mirror users happily report that they’ve stopped going to the gym and canceled gym memberships in favor of using their smart mirror for workouts. Technology lovers enjoy downloading their favorite training videos while watching themselves exercise in front of the mirror allows them to critique their form and enhances the success of the workout. They are also saving money on gas and time commuting to and from the gym. 


Synced to a smart thermostat, the smart mirror provides simple temperature control without having to get to the thermostat. Synced to a smart doorbell, check the front door without having to stop what you’re doing to answer.


Adds multitasking capabilities to a busy lifestyle. Smart mirrors can be used as a second monitor for a laptop or desktop. This gives additional screen real estate for keeping emails open, participating in real-time meetings, checking on the front door or the baby monitor, and providing immediate access to online resources simultaneously. 


Technology devotees who double as foodies find that using their smart mirror provides hands-free access to recipes and streaming cooking videos to enhance their skills in the kitchen. They can plan a menu, make a shopping list and prepare a feast from their smart mirror and its versatility. 


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A Capstone Connected smart mirror is the perfect gift for the true technology/automation/smart home enthusiast. Our proprietary technology seamlessly integrates into your favorite devices and appliances through Bluetooth and WiFi. They’re designed for functionality and bring style to any room in the home. Visit our website, or call us now at 888-570-8889.