Benefits of Smart Mirrors for Families with Kids

Benefits of Smart Mirrors for Families with Kids

With life returning to activity levels we haven’t seen since pre-pandemic times, families are feeling the impact of busier calendars. The time spent juggling school, work, sports, extracurricular activities, family obligations, social obligations, meal times, and household chores seems to have quadrupled. This frenetic pace makes it easy for families to feel disconnected, and rushed, and leaves the door open for activities to fall through the cracks. Integrating a Capstone Connected Smart Mirror into the home will keep everyone operating on the same page.

How can a smart mirror help a family operate smoothly? 

When it comes to staying organized, the calendar is one of the key components all family members should have access to view. The family can use the smart mirror as the central hub, whether mounted in the bathroom, kitchen or other family areas, everyone can easily access the calendar. The smart mirror allows for daily reminders to be viewed so each family member is on the same page with upcoming activities. Important tests, homework project due dates, games, practices, doctor’s appointments, etc. are all available for viewing. 

Daily weather reports are viewable on the smart mirror so everyone knows if rain gear or snow wear is needed before they leave the house. Streaming traffic reports will keep drivers up to speed (pun intended) regarding travel times to school, work, or other destinations. All of this information is viewable on the smart mirror when synced to a cellphone or compatible smart tv.

Bring the entire family to the kitchen to cook a meal while watching a favorite chef prepare the same meal streaming on the smart mirror. Working jointly for the common goal (a delicious meal) stresses the importance of spending family time together and building memories.

Added of a smart mirror for the whole family

Families with young children report that a smart mirror is a perfect tool for helping their children learn about the importance of dental hygiene, toileting, grooming, and hand washing. skills. Using these videos can save time and keep everyone focused on the morning and bedtime schedules. Videos can be downloaded and streamed while the little ones are in the bathroom reinforcing those important life skills and assisting with keeping them on task and schedule. Set bath time to coincide with a favorite YouTube channel and show, establishing a permanent time frame.

Get the coffee pot prepped before bed and parents can engage WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled devices to start the coffee pot without a trip to the kitchen. Enabled ovens, dishwashers, and even refrigerator inventories can be accessed while dressing for work or getting the kids ready for breakfast and school.

At Capstone Connected Smart Mirrors, we believe the skies are the limit for the creative ways families will utilize our smart mirrors. Visit here to see our full product line and help keep your family on the same page.