5 Questions Your Smart Mirror Can Answer for You in the Morning

5 Questions Your Smart Mirror Can Answer for You in the Morning

There’s always so much to do and such little time during hectic mornings. Owners of smart mirrors harness the power of the internet to increase their morning efficiency by automating and streamlining certain tasks. Whether your smart mirror is in the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, immediate access to frequently used apps makes mornings fly by.. Instead of using multiple devices, just ask your smart Mirror.


5 Questions Everyone Wants Answered in the Morning


What’s the weather for today? 


Not only can your smart mirror tap into the local forecast, but it will display local doppler radar and precipitation maps. If you prefer, you can even livestream your favorite weather channel. You’ll never leave the house unprepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for the day.


Is there any breaking news I should know about? 


Local, national and global concerns affect all of us. Livestream your favorite morning news program or check the most important updates from your favorite news publications in the mirror to stay in the know. The choice is yours.


Do I have any important emails? 


Synced with your smartphone voice assistant, your smart mirror can read your emails to you, and you can respond in kind. Keep your hands free so that you can continue your morning routine without interruption. You can also use the touch screen to scroll through emails while brushing your teeth or getting ready to prep before hitting the office. 


What’s traffic looking like? 


If you’re getting the traffic reports from the radio during your commute, the report is likely coming too late to do any good. Ask your smart mirror to check on current road conditions before you head out the door. View suggested alternate routes and maps while getting ready in the morning. You’ll avoid traffic congestion, accident scenes and road closures so you arrive at school or work on time. 


What should I wear today? 


This recurring morning dilemma can be a pain day in and day out.  Smart mirrors allow users to check out the latest fashion trends on Youtube or TikTok, or use an inventory app like Stylebook that keeps an inventory of your clothes so you can schedule outfits ahead of time! With easy access to your calendar, be reminded of important meetings or after work events so you can be dressed perfectly for any occasion. 


Your smart mirror will help keep you on track and in the know while you get ready in the morning. With Capstone Connected, you can bring the future home. Call us at 1- 888-570-8889 or contact us online to learn more.