Check the Weather

What’s the weather this weekend?


How long will it take me to get to work?


What is Google stock trading at?


What’s on the news today?


Thin Cast delivers streaming capabilities directly from your smart phone. Search your favorite fitness workouts, makeup tutorials, video recipes and so much more.

Downloadable Apps

A world of downloadable apps are at your fingertips: Email, Calendar, Weather, Music just to name a few.

Social Media

Check your favorite social media account. Simply open your preferred social app and view it on the mirror.


View your preferred calendar on the Smart Mirror.


Check and compose emails.

Events, Reminders, Etc.

Add events, set reminders or even add items to your grocery list.


You may stream your favorite fitness videos, live feeds, on demand just to name a few. Great with our new fitness/wardrobe mirror.

Always in Sync…

Entertainment Factor…

Organization Matters…

Everything Else…

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The Story Behind Our Mirrors

The Capstone proprietary approach to accessing content and downloadable applications is unique. Depending on your preference, our Smart Mirror can be operated like a tablet when in the Smart 1 setting. The Smart 2 setting shares your Android or Apple phone screen onto the mirror.

This convenient mirror allows users to access voice assistance and other preferred content through the Thin Cast feature which connects your mobile phone screen with the mirrored display. Access traffic and weather, stream entertainment, listen to music, access social media feeds, run downloadable applications and more – simply expanding today’s connected lifestyles.