Ideas for Using Your Full-Length Mirror

Ideas for Using Your Full-Length Mirror

Capstone Connected Full-Length Mirror is the most versatile smart mirror to date. Whether permanently mounted or moved to various locations throughout the home, its capabilities are outstanding!


A typical full-length mirror is great if your only need is to ensure you look fine before you leave the house. Its job is done. For the tech savvy, busy parents, fitness buffs, and folks on the go, the full-length smart mirror can help streamline and improve daily life! Here are a few ways our users incorporate the smart mirrors into their daily lives.. 


Multi-tasking has never been easier


Dressing in the smart mirror provides the opportunity to check emails and catch up on news, traffic, weather and the calendar, all without having to leave the bedroom. When synced to a smartphone, other Bluetooth enabled devices such as a coffee pot, the stove, or the refrigerator can be operated from the full-length mirror.


Boosted efficiency for fitness buffs


Exercising in front of a mirror sounds intimidating. Working out in front of a smart mirror with a trainer to guide you through movements? Consider exercising in front of the full-length mirror. WiFi connectivity expands the home gym capability to include watching downloaded training videos and live streaming sessions that provide the opportunity to observe form and function. By working out with the help of a smart mirror, fitness enthusiasts can hone their moves and improve their workouts.


Become a better home chef

Home cooking can be improved with the help of a smart mirror. Display a new recipe on the large screen, and scroll through via voice. . Grab the kiddos, and get them involved too! Download a how-to video from YouTube, and master a new cooking technique. Video tutorials are helpful for visual learners who might still struggle with a cookbook. Whether you’re learning how to decorate cakes or preparing a five-course meal, the size of the display makes reading any recipe a cinch.

Take music lessons

Learning how to play an instrument can be an exciting new skill for people of all ages, but music lessons can sometimes have waitlists or high costs. By using a smart mirror, you can download or livestream to take lessons and simultaneously observe finger positions and technique. High-quality built-in speakers make it easier to learn by ear thanks to crystal-clear sound.

Have a party

Speaking of speakers (pun intended), you can use the full-length mirror to give guests a different perspective when they decide to bust a move. The Bluetooth enabled speakers are high quality and sure to bring a party to life. Even if your guests aren’t checking out their dance moves in the mirror, it’s a great piece to get a conversation going. Who wouldn’t want to know more about this exciting piece of technology in your living room?

There are so many ways to bring a full-length smart mirror into use every day. What are you waiting for? Get those creative juices flowing and call 888-570-8889 to learn more.