Who Should Use a Smart Mirror

Who Should Use a Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors are a must have for anyone wanting cutting-edge technology integrated into their homes and lifestyle. Every family member can benefit from having a smart mirror in their home.


Smart mirrors help children learn and reinforce skills


A smart mirror mounted in the bathroom is an invaluable tool for helping children learn about proper hand washing techniques, oral hygiene, grooming skills and toileting. There are many downloadable teaching videos to keep children actively engaged during their visits to the restroom. Daily use of the smart mirror will keep morning routines on schedule!


Parents improve morning routines with smart mirrors 


Parents who use smart mirrors report that the mirrors are instrumental in keeping the entire family well organized. They check the family calendar or watch live weather reports to make sure the family dresses appropriately. Smart mirrors connected via WiFi and Bluetooth to your family’s favorite apps to save time and keep things running smoothly.


Fitness fans enjoy workouts with a smart mirror


Fitness enthusiasts love being able to get guided workouts without leaving for the gym results they are seeing after working out in front of a full-length smart mirror and downloading their favorite training workouts. Others love the livestream option when synced with their smartphone. Watching themselves in the mirror while exercising allows for them to self-critique form and function, improving their overall workout.


Aspiring chefs can cook with the pros


Pulling up a favorite recipe, learning a new skill, or cooking along with a favorite chef is easier than ever with a smart mirror in view. The large screen means measurements and instructions are easier to read. Synced to a smartphone, the Smart 2 Voice Assistant means you can navigate through your recipe hands-free. 


How smart mirrors improve working from home


For those working from home, the smart mirror is a great virtual assistant. Doubling as a second laptop screen, it allows for email to remain open at all times, streamlining communication and giving immediate access to online resources. Working parents can view the baby monitor at all times in addition to monitoring arrivals at the front door without leaving the desk.


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