How a Fitness Mirror Can Improve Your Next At-home Workout

How a Fitness Mirror Can Improve Your Next At-home Workout

With no immediate end to the Covid-19 pandemic in sight, many folks who typically go to the gym for the best workout are making the tough decision to stay home to reduce the chance of becoming a Covid statistic. Adapting a room at home to replicate the gym experience is a seemingly insurmountable hurdle. However, smart mirrors like Capstone Connected can equip people with an easy-to-use tool to help them achieve fitness goals.

Transitioning from the Gym

People who have a Capstone Connected Smart Mirror have found it much easier to make the change from heading to the gym to working out at home. At the touch of a button, they are connected to their favorite streaming or on-demand home workouts without so much as leaving the room, let alone the house. In addition to the convenience of exercising in the privacy of their home, Smart Mirror can put on a trainer or instructor of their choice by casting them from an app like YouTube onto the mirror in a few seconds. Users can also feel like they’re back in a gym by streaming live fitness classes..

Monitoring in the Mirror

Smart Mirrors provide fitness buffs the opportunity to monitor form and self-correct as needed. Maintaining correct posture and extension is an important component of successful workouts. By keeping watch on their form, they can effectively reduce the risk of injury during any workout. Without having a trainer alongside to prevent injury, a smart mirror is the best thing to be able to self-monitor.

Connecting to Other Devices

By connecting your smartphone or smartwatch through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to the Smart Mirror you can easily monitor your heart rate, activity rate and caloric burn with the appropriate apps on your smart devices. They will appear in real-time on your smart mirror enabling you to stay focused and in control.

Smart Mirrors and fitness are a match made in heaven! Your fitness schedule can truly be yours. No worrying about getting to the gym before they close or waiting for a machine to become available. Take the classes you want to take, and follow trainers you want to follow. Please visit here to learn more about how Capstone Connected Smart Mirrors can elevate any home gym.