Benefits of Capstone Connected Smart Mirrors

Benefits of Capstone Connected Smart Mirrors

The introduction of a Capstone Connected Smart Mirror into your home will be one of the most important additions you will make to your daily life. Once you get your smart mirror, you’ll wonder what you ever did without them

Streamlines your mornings

Investing in a Capstone Connected Smart Mirror will supplement your daily routine in ways you’ve never dreamed of, including enhancing efficiency. Imagine getting ready for work or school standing in front of a standard mirror styling your hair, shaving, or applying makeup while listening to a radio or a distant television. Now think about performing the same tasks while looking into your smart mirror. Not only is your reflected image sharp and clear, but you can simultaneously watch up to the minute news, traffic, and weather reports, catch up on the family’s calendar for the day, even start your morning coffee or turn the oven on for breakfast.The future is here! 

Easy integrations with other technology 

Smart mirrors offer easy access through voice-interfacing and touch screen. They can operate as a tablet or your smartphone screen as they are enabled to interact with both Android and Apple products based on the setting selected. Utilizing your technology has never been simpler and integration into your existing smart home devices with the Capstone Connected Smart Mirror is an awesome addition. Have we mentioned that you can check your email from your smart mirror? You can use voice assist through your smartphone to respond to messages and stay on top of the important business of the day.

The built-in speakers of your smart mirror produce crystal clear sound and can be used in conjunction with other smart home devices and your smartphone. Video streaming to your smart mirror is a breeze and you can pair with your preferred Bluetooth headphones effortlessly.

Sleek, stylish accessory

Placement of a smart mirror in your home makes a defining statement about your willingness to embrace the future. Wherever you choose to place your Capstone Connected Smart Mirror you are guaranteed to wow family and friends! Sleek and tasteful, they come in a variety of beautiful shapes and designs so you are sure to find one that fits your own discriminating and sophisticated decor.

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