What Are Smart Mirrors: Defining “Magic Mirrors”

What Are Smart Mirrors: Defining “Magic Mirrors”

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…” 

These words conjure up images of the wicked queen from Snow White. The “magic mirror” from the story  was actually an enchanted looking glass, keeping one of the queen’s servants a prisoner. It was the mirror’s duty to report to her about what was going on within the kingdom. (Cool idea, and way ahead of its time!) While today’s smart mirrors obviously don’t have enchanted magic, they certainly are capable of providing a wealth of knowledge, tracking data, keeping your calendar up to date and conflict-free, necessary to keep our “kingdoms” turning. 

What makes a smart mirror “magic?”

Today’s “magic mirrors”are made of typical reflective glass that have a tablet-like device installed beneath the surface of the glass. The device functions as a tablet or a cell phone screen does, providing access to the internet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices installed throughout your home. Capstone Connected Mirrors can be programmed through your smartphone for voice recognition. They may not tell you if you are “the fairest in the land” but can give you the most recent updates for weather, traffic, and news without turning on the radio or television.

Smart mirrors can display emails, calendars, and videos. They can livestream any streaming service that you subscribe to. Your smart scale can sync your weight and BMI through the mirror from your preferred app. Participation in interactive workouts while keeping an eye on your form and technique in the smart mirror provides great insight into your fitness routine. 

Touchscreen capability ties your smart home together. By connecting to the apps you love, your smart mirror can truly be a “magic mirror!” 

Capstone Connected Mirrors will add elegance and functionality to whichever room you choose. Visit our website to learn more about the “magic mirror” that’s right for you.