5 Ways Mirrors Make Your Home Feel Larger

5 Ways Mirrors Make Your Home Feel Larger

The past two years have given many of us the time to reflect on our living spaces and many have dreamt of making décor changes. Despite the actual size, we felt claustrophobic in rooms that used to bring us joy. We were stuck inside and needed a change. Good news! Fixing that claustrophobic feeling can be as easy as adding a strategically placed mirror. By introducing a properly shaped and sized mirror even the smallest and darkest spots in your home can be transformed.


Dark hallway

If your hallway is long and dark, consider placing a floor to ceiling mirror at one end. The larger the mirror, the greater the surface area for reflecting any available light giving the illusion of a brighter, more spacious passageway. You could also consider using several mirrors in a pattern to offer a more interesting design.


Windowless room

Rooms without windows often feel small and dark. A great solution is to find mirrors that are cut and framed to look like windows. They come in many shapes, sizes and frame colors. Placed in a windowless room, these mirrors will enhance the appearance of roominess and brighten up a dark room by creating the illusion of an exterior view.


Small kitchen

The kitchen is a busy room in most homes and not always as big as we’d like them. Proper placement of a mirror can supplement the look and feel of even the smallest kitchen. Suitably hung, a mirror can also provide the chef with a view of what’s going on behind them.


Office space

Working from home can be a challenge. Many found setting up shop at a small workstation was the best thing to do despite facing a wall that made the niche feel even smaller. Hanging a mirror on the wall that the desk faces can increase the appearance of space and give depth to the work area while allowing for the worker to keep tabs on the activities of others in the room.


Rooms with low ceilings

Rooms with low ceilings benefit greatly by the addition of a tall, rectangular mirror that triggers the eyes to look upwards creating the illusion of height. Another tip for creating the appearance of roominess is to leave a large mirror propped against a wall instead of mounting it on the wall. The slight tilt draws the eye in and makes everything look larger.

Mirrors no longer need to be only used in the bathroom or bedroom. Flex your design muscles by considering the numerous ways mirrors can be placed to improve the look and feel of your home. Smart mirrors can be used for the same reasons. Enhance the feeling of spaciousness in any room while using smart mirror technology to make other chores easier.