Gifts to Buy Tech Lovers

Gifts to Buy Tech Lovers

Purchasing a gift for the tech lover in your life is easier than ever. Current technology offers a wide variety of unique and useful devices at price points sure to fit every budget. Here are some suggestions sure to make the tech lovers in your life smile.


Safety Jewelry

For your favorite fashionista, consider purchasing safety jewelry. This beautifully designed and crafted jewelry contains built-in tech such as GPS and panic buttons. At the touch of a discrete button, charms, bracelets, necklaces, athletic bands, and keychains provide peace of mind for you and your tech-loving friend.


Portable Air Purifiers

Flu season, COVID-19, and allergens concern all of us these days, but especially affected are the germaphobes. Portable or mini air purifiers are a great solution. These light-weight and portable devices can scrub up to 99% of viruses, molds, and pollen from the air.


Fitness Products

Fitness enthusiasts will be thrilled with technological advances to supplement their regimen. There are numerous available products for these athletes ranging from ultralight ear buds to fitness bands that comprehensively monitor heart rate, respirations and calories burned. Smart mirrors provide fitness junkies with the ability to observe their own form and function while watching their favorite trainer on YouTube, or by livestreaming a class.


Self-Heating Mugs

Coffee and tea enthusiasts will be forever grateful for the gift of a self-heating ceramic mug and charger. These devices are programmable from a smartphone for the preferred sipping temperature, and they keep beverages hot for the desired length of time. 


Smart Plugs

Folks who are into making their home a smart home can always benefit from another smart plug to use indoors or outdoors. Connecting to an app either in their hub or on their smartphone, these plugs instantly make any device accessible through voice command. 


Digital frames afford the users with automatic WiFi downloads to anywhere in the home. Smart bulbs transform any light fixture into a smart light for hands free operation. Bluetooth speakers can operate in any room of the house, and waterproof speakers can be used in the shower and pool. There are smart toothbrushes, smart mirrors, smart razors – a whole host of devices that can make life easier for your tech lover.


Smart Sunglasses

Smart sunglasses are making a big splash on the tech front. They can take photos with a built-in camera, take a short video, play your playlist and be directly connected to social media. They come in a variety of styles and colors, keeping everyone looking good. 


Technology is our friend, and the tech lover in your life is sure to be thrilled with any of these gifts! For more gift ideas, visit Capstone Connected.