Home Furniture & Decor that Makes Guests Say “WOW”

Home Furniture & Decor that Makes Guests Say “WOW”

There are many considerations when purchasing furniture, and each selection reflects the individual style and taste of the buyer. The options are endless, and it can take time to find the perfect pieces. Couches, love seats, bedroom suites, and dining sets are considered the anchors of most rooms. The key to giving any room that special finishing touch is the addition of accent pieces strategically placed to complement the anchor pieces. What home furniture selections would work as accent pieces completing a new look? Anything that adds drama, a pop of color, or different textures can set a room apart. Consider the following accent acquisitions:



Once considered an extension of a chair for folks to rest their legs on, modern ottomans are now designed for multi-purposing. They can be used as hidden storage, extra seating, as a coffee table or any combination of these. Whether it’s rectangular, square, oval, oversized or small, contrasting fabric or solid top, integrating an ottoman as a statement piece into a den or living room can provide just the right touch to make the room impress your guests.



Available natural lighting throughout the day makes an important difference when designing a room. Wall colors and floor coverings contribute to interior design, and strategic placement of the right lamp(s) plays a major role in the “wow” factor of a room. Composition material, shape, color, shade design and whether the lamp sits on a table top or floor are all important factors to consider. The perfect accent lamp that provides the correct amount of light can make a room warm and welcoming.



Of the variety of statement pieces that can be added to a room, artwork is the most personal. Your preferred art style provides great insight into your personality. Whether framed pieces hung on a wall, a uniquely shaped vase, or a pop of accent color on a paperweight or a sculpture, artwork is an important finishing touch that will catch the eye of those who enter the room.  



Desks are versatile accent pieces. Whether it’s a unique rolltop desk, an armoire desk, a davenport, butler, a bureau, an executive desk or a period piece, a desk that is cleverly placed is a conversation starter while being functional. 


Smart Mirrors

The popularity of mirrors in design has come and gone throughout the ages, and in today’s design plans, they are a hot commodity. Purposefully placed large mirrors are desirable accent pieces. Mirrors make a room look bigger and brighter. Instead of static artwork, folks are choosing statement mirrors as a functional focal point for almost any room in the home. 


Capstone Connected smart mirrors are ideal accent mirrors, especially for starting conversations. Imagine how wowed guests will be by a mirror that can stream music, link to smartphone apps, mirror phone screens, play videos and livestream. Smart mirrors can pull up a calendar, load a recipe, and help you workout, in addition to providing crystal clear reflections. Our smart mirrors can be installed in any room, including the bathroom.


Visit our website or call us at 888-570-8889 to explore options for adding a smart mirror into your design plans. They are certain to make guests say “Wow!”