Why Smart Mirrors are Essential for Savvy Homeowners

Why Smart Mirrors are Essential for Savvy Homeowners

Purchasing a home for the first time gives homeowners the freedom to express themselves completely, perhaps for the very first time. Homeowners have the opportunity to furnish, install technology and create the environment that makes them happy. From paint to flooring, furniture, landscaping, and smart home device options, there are many decisions to make that will not only bring joy but will add value to their new investment.


Smart mirrors are one investment that brings immediate satisfaction and value to a home. Mounted in the ensuite, bedroom, kitchen, or family room, smart mirrors bring design, form, and function to any room. First-time homeowners are allocating portions of their budget for smart home appliance purchases. Devices such as security systems, smart door locks, smart thermostats, self-inventorying refrigerators, ranges, sprinkler systems, smart showers, smart floors, and smart mirrors are just a few of the many smart options available to homeowners. All add value to the home and more importantly, save time and money for the homeowner.


Smart mirrors can serve as a hub for the operations of a smart home that is designed to add beauty to any room. Whether going full-on smart home or starting with the purchase of a few basic devices, the smart mirror is one of the first acquisitions homeowners should consider. Making the calendar, news, weather, and traffic reports viewable along with emails, or listening to their favorite tunes at the touch of a button. 


Budgets are always a consideration for a homeowner. The purchase of a smart mirror provides the opportunity to start working out at home and stop paying the always-increasing monthly gym dues. Streaming workouts that cater to all types of exercise from yoga, strength training, running, weightlifting, and cardio, etc., can be done in the privacy of their own home. Coordinated smart devices save money on HVAC costs, and reduce other energy costs.


Entertaining is something homeowners look forward to. Party ideas, decorations, menu planning, food prep, recipes, learning how to cook, or improving on existing skills are all available through a synced smart mirror. Stream YouTube channels to cook along with favorite chefs, learn how to set a formal table, or search for the best way to organize a new pantry, the smart mirror proves its value time and again. Make “to-do” lists and track them so that everyone can see and update their status.


Capstone Connected smart mirror owners find new and exciting ways to encourage the use of our proprietary technology daily. Take the first step towards having a more productive and efficient lifestyle and enhance the value of your new home.