What You Get with Capstone Connected Products

What You Get with Capstone Connected Products

Purchasing a Capstone Connected product is a guarantee that you are investing in the highest quality integrated technology that’s been developed with you in mind. Capstone Connected creative designers develop innovative technology driven by today’s users and lifestyles. People are the driving force behind us embracing the ever-evolving future of user-friendly, affordable, technological advancement.


About Our Start

Beginning with a venture into the world of home LED lighting, Capstone Industries, Inc. designed and manufactured affordable, reliable products that were available for purchase at major retail outlets throughout the United States. Our lighting bars provide instant lighting with no wiring involved. Magnetic mounting provided easy installation anywhere in the home. Remote controls allow for easy use of our lights with dimmable features, a built-in timer and the ability to control numerous lights from one place. We then began to appreciate the need for additional easy-to-use technology that would enhance the ever-changing digital lifestyles of consumers. Power failure lights, motion sensor lighting, and rechargeable flashlights are all richly embedded in the Capstone name.


Embracing Growth

With our eyes turned to the future of integrative home technology, Capstone Connected (a sub-brand of Capstone Industries, Inc.) designed, manufactured and released a line of smart mirrors in 2020 to rave reviews. Consumers were (and still are) thrilled with the ease of use, reliability, and the ways this innovative technology enhanced their everyday lives. From serving as a smart home hub to replacing visits to the gym, smart mirrors are welcomed into homes as affordable and seamlessly integrated tools that are cost effective to use. Our versatile line of smart mirrors is a welcome addition to both new smart home construction designers and to homeowners wanting to upgrade accessibility to technology.



Capstone Connected products offer seamless integration with your existing devices. Our products are easy to install, and syncing to your existing network of smart appliances is a snap! If you do experience an unexpected challenge, our tech support is available Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST via phone or our online chat with a customer care representative. Capstone Connected products are built with integrity, and we stand behind them.


What’s Next

There is much more on the Capstone Connected horizon for our customers to look forward to. Our growth is driven by consumer feedback and our desire to expand our product line designing it to not only meet, but to exceed the expectations of consumers. The best is yet to come!