What to Look for in a Smart Bathroom

What to Look for in a Smart Bathroom

There’s some mind-boggling technology available for those looking to transform their ordinary bathroom into a smart bathroom. Professional designers have different concepts of what constitutes a smart bathroom but they all agree that the installation of a smart mirror is the best way to begin a bathroom transformation.


Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors look like any conventional mirror at a glance, but they are equipped with an LCD display behind the reflective glass. This allows for images to be displayed on the reflective side so users can observe both their reflection and important information simultaneously. 


Smart mirrors interface through WiFi or Bluetooth with a compatible smartphone, allowing the mirror to display information such as traffic and weather reports, emails, dates and times. By emulating the smartphone screen, the mirror makes all apps accessible via touch or voice command. Keep track of time when getting ready to go out, learn what traffic problems are in the area, and check the weather and your email without fumbling for your phone or walking between rooms. As if that wasn’t enough, a smart mirror can also serve as the central control for other smart features in the bathroom.


Smart Toilet

Yes, there is a smart toilet available for your home. Depending on the make and model, this plumbing fixture allows for control of heated seats, touch-free lids, and lights. Most are Bluetooth enabled and will work with your smartphone and smart mirror.


Smart Shower

Are you tired of stepping into a too cold or too hot shower? Is the water flow inconsistent? A smart shower provides temperature control and water flow regulation. Many models offer a maximum heated temperature control, which saves energy and money. Control it all via voice command on your smart mirror.


Smart Flooring

Smart home owners are upping their game by installing smart flooring throughout the house. Smart floors are equipped with electronic sensors that can detect weight distribution and movement to help with traffic flow and interior design. Some regulate temperature so you never have to step onto a cold bathroom floor.


Smart Glass

Another consideration for a smart bathroom is smart glass or smart film. Smart glass is built to change from see-through to opaque at the flip of a switch or a voice command to an app. Smart film is constructed to do the same thing after being applied to the existing window glass. Adjust the natural light as needed and keep privacy to a maximum.


Smart Toothbrush

A smart toothbrush will not replace visits to the dentist, but it will help you regulate the time you spend brushing your teeth and the pressure you apply to the brush head. It will also let you know if you have missed any teeth and will keep track of your brushing routine. They come in various makes and models and can sync to your smartphone via an app.


Smart Scale

By connecting to an app on your smartphone, smart scales not only measure weight, but also your BMI, percentage of fat and percentage of water in your body. They can also sync with many weight loss apps automatically so that tracking your weight loss success is simplified.


Capstone Connected smart mirrors pull the smart bathroom together with form and function. Make the future come to you now!