What to Know Before Making Your Home a Smart Home

What to Know Before Making Your Home a Smart Home

Considering building a smart home? Whether you’re building a brand-new home or upgrading your existing one, the technological advances in the past few years have resulted in an abundance of new devices and appliances to help run your home at maximum efficiency, saving both time and money.

Determine Budget

Before beginning any project, the first step should be to determine your budget. If you’re building a new home, be sure to allocate funds for infrastructure that will be needed to provide energy and internet services to your smart devices where required.

Lay Out Function

Once your budget is decided, determine what smart home devices are essential to you. What is it that you expect a smart home to do for you? Do you want a state-of-the-art security system? Perhaps you are searching for a refrigerator that self-inventories, or an oven that you can start via smartphone. What about blinds that open via voice control? Smart irrigation? Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Are you looking to add smart mirrors throughout that will utilize voice command and touch screen capabilities? Do you already have an electronic assistant that turns on the lights, opens the front door, plays your favorite music throughout the house, or maintains your thermostat control? What you want will determine how those pieces connect with one another.

How You’ll Install the Tech

Once you have determined the “must haves” for your personalized smart home, it’s time to decide if you wish to install the technology yourself or if you are going to employ the services of a professional installation company. Some devices are easily installed by users. Other devices are larger or more complex, and they’re better left to the pros. If you are building a new home or don’t feel comfortable connecting the devices yourself, the use of an installation company may be your best bet. 

Add Smart Mirrors into the Mix

As technology advances, the selection of smart home devices has grown almost exponentially, and a big part of that market includes smart mirrors. The most recent addition of smart mirrors is not just a passing fad. The functionality a smart mirror brings to your smart home deserves serious consideration. Whether placed in the bathroom to help keep morning routines engaging and efficient, or strategically placed in your home office to allow you hands-free operation of integrated appliances, or placed in your home gym to maximize results from your fitness regimen, the capabilities of a smart mirror will enhance your smart home operation in ways you may not have considered.

At first glance, smart mirrors appear to be elegant, decorative pieces. They come in several styles and aesthetically match with numerous décor styles. Take a look at all the Capstone Connected Mirrors you can add to your smart home. You will be so happy you did.