What to Know About Smart Mirrors

What to Know About Smart Mirrors

Smart phones, smart televisions, smart watches, smart cars — everything is becoming “smart” these days. We’re a few steps away from saying “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” and getting a real-time response. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your home, here’s what you need to know about smart mirrors for your family.


The Basics

What makes a smart mirror smart? 

An LCD screen mounted behind the reflective surface is the driving force behind a smart mirror. The LCD screen is Bluetooth and WiFi compatible, enabling the screen to mirror your smartphone and grant you instant access to your favorite apps. The brain of the smart mirror is placed behind the window of the glass side, which enables its screen to be visible on the reflective side. Standing or sitting in front of a smart mirror provides the user with a unique and customizable experience. They are way more than just an LCD screen in a mirror.


Why would a smart mirror benefit my family? 

The addition of a multipurpose smart mirror to your home can keep morning routines on track, providing necessary information for the day such as news updates, weather and traffic alerts, checking the calendar, etc. Smart mirrors can improve family fitness by providing access to your favorite trainers and allowing your in-house athletes to observe their form to exercise safely and privately in the comfort of your home. The variety of uses for a smart mirror is limitless. You can play your favorite tunes, watch your favorite shows, research for homework, and look up a recipe all by syncing your smart mirror to your smartphone.


What to Choose

What size smart mirror is best? 

The size of the smart mirror you purchase should be based on your purpose for wanting the mirror. Will you be using the smart mirror for your home exercise routine, or is your primary use of the smart mirror going to be in the bathroom to expedite your morning routine? This can help you determine whether you should go with a full-length or standard size mirror. Look for easy access to a power outlet before making your final decision on where to place your mirror.


A Capstone Connected Smart Mirror is built with state-of-the-art capabilities. At the touch of a button, our proprietary technology allows the mirror to spring to life and be customized to display information tailored to the user on its home screen. View the weather, news, email and calendars at a glance. Navigation is easy when the mirror is synced to a voice assistant app from a smartphone. Touchscreen interfacing gives users the option to scroll through apps with ease. You can even purchase a remote control to use with your smart mirror if you prefer handsfree screens. If you’re in the market for a unique piece of technology to make your smart home setup complete, contact us today!