How Does the Capstone Connected Smart Mirror Work?

How Does the Capstone Connected Smart Mirror Work?

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A smart mirror is typically something a lot of people associate with sci-fi movies. It’s not a surprise that the thought of this technology captures the imagination since it will allow for traffic reports, weather updates, reminders, and more to pop up while you go about your morning routine.

The Capstone Smart Mirror was first showcased at a tech show, and it was a big hit with show attendants. The mirror comes loaded with Google Assistant, and it helps the mirror operate flawlessly, no matter what you want it to do. The hands-free feature ensures that you can complete your morning routine before stepping out the door fully informed about your day.

Say “Hey Google” to Start Things Off

The built-in Google Assistant allows you to seamlessly move through Google’s suite of products hands-free when you use this smart mirror. You can easily download apps from the Google Play store, manage your Google Drive files to get a start on work assignments, and check your morning commute with an updated traffic report while you brush your hair or teeth. Also, this product comes with touch screen technology that allows you to type right on the mirror. So, you have the ability to message your family, friends or respond to your urgent work emails.

Multi-User Capability

You don’t have to keep this smart mirror to yourself. The Voice Control Function can tell between six different voices to move through different Google accounts, depending on who is talking at the moment. You won’t have to take time to log in and out of these accounts, and it keeps each user’s data available only to them to ensure privacy and security.

Function and Form Seamlessly Collide

The Capstone Smart Mirror has a very modern and sleek design that can blend perfectly with a huge range of interior decor styles. You can stand it on your vanity or hang it like a traditional mirror, or you can easily put it on a tabletop surface so you can get ready anywhere in the house while you multitask. You get smart capabilities with more traditional functionality with this product, and it’s what made people so excited about it. With this product, being tethered to your smartphone while you’re home is a thing of the past.

Control Through a Centralized Connected Hub

When it comes to managing this technology, you do so using the Capstone Connected Control Hub. If you have a high-end tablet, it works very similarly to this. At the core, this Hub is a touchscreen system that lets you log into your messaging apps, check the traffic reports, access your playlists, get into Google Drive, and much more when you connect it to your Wi-Fi.

As a bonus, you can easily put the Hub in a convenient spot and connect from any room in your home while experiencing the smart mirror’s smart function range. The Hub works with any other Capstone Connected Home products that the company is going to roll out shortly. The Hub will create a system that you can manage through this centralized device when you sync it with other connected products.

The Hub integrates into the mirror using a docking feature. It allows you to access anything that you’d be able to get to using a smartphone or tablet. You can use it to set up playlists, messaging apps, social media profiles, Google Drive, documents, and more using Wi-Fi.

You’ll get the ultimate digital experience in the comfort of your own home. It has Thin Touch Cast and Thin Touch built into the mirror, and this is Capstone’s easy-to-use technology. There are two experience levels available, and you can pick from Smart 1 and Smart 2.

You’ll get a stylish and innovative design with the Thin Cast Smart Mirror, and it has a huge amount of features that lets you get into and use your favorite applications. It will power from any standard 110-volt outlet, or you can get a battery power pack to make it portable. This gives you a very versatile project that is very user-friendly.

How the Capstone Mirror Works

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make with this product is which suite you want to use. Which one you pick will decide how it works for you. There are two suites to choose from, and we’ll outline them for you below.

Full Touch Screen Control Suite – Smart One

If you pick this suite, you get complete display control using touch screen technology. You get several applications pre-installed on this suite that allows you to check your email, traffic report, time, and weather at a glance. This display also allows you to expand it to your favorite applications, and you can download them and use them without a problem.

This suite lets you check all of your social media channels directly from the product. You can browse YouTube, check your daily calendar, add events and set reminders, and stream your favorite live feeds and fitness videos on demand. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs to worry about either.

You can set your preferred browser like Opera or Firefox to download apps, view live feeds, listen to music, surf the internet, or listen to music. You can check your commute times, get a traffic report, or get the best directions to your destination. There are news sources you can use to stay up-to-date, and you can pair your BlueTooth devices like headphones to the mirror.

Android or iOS Experience Suite – Smart Two

If you want to use this suite, you’ll have to go into mirroring and finding casting capabilities in your phone. You can share anything on your smartphone with your mirror using Thin Cast technology. Also, any user on your Wi-Fi network can share their phone screen with the smart mirrors without worrying about security.

When it’s in proximity, the Thin Cast feature on this suite lets you use your phone to access whichever voice assistant you use. So, you get hands-free operation in both suites to make it more convenient to use at any point during the day.

The Capstone Smart Mirror Comes Packed with Features

If you’re considering adding a new piece of technology to your home or office, consider this product. It’s user-friendly and packed with wonderful features that can help you plan your day and access your favorite media.