The Capstone Smart Mirror – Features Overview

The Capstone Smart Mirror – Features Overview

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The Capstone Connected gives you a greater efficiency on an entirely new level by launching the Capstone Connected smart mirror. This product is specifically designed to bridge the gap between everyday life and technology. While you brush your teeth, it allows you to have the mirror get your coffee brewing, give you your local news, and check the traffic simultaneously. It can also turn the lights out when you’re ready to head out.

This product looks just like a mirror, and it has a modern design that makes it perfect for a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, or entryway. It’ll hang just like a traditional mirror, or you can have it stand on any flat surface to prop it up.

But, where this mirror stands out, it that functions and forms just like a tablet. It has both a voice interface and touchscreen to give you internet access. The Android operating system is built in to allow you to use Google Voice Assistant and download apps to give you a hands-free operation while you browse social media or take on tasks.

Also, if you have several other people using the mirror, every user can modify and customize this smart mirror to fit their preferred experience. They can customize the apps, browsers, and shortcuts they like to use without interfering with yours. All you have to do to start is is say, “Hey Google, Good Morning.”

According to the company, the mirror’s functionality gets driven by the Capstone Connected Control Hub. This technology gets integrated into the mirror using a proprietary docking feature. This feature lets you access anything you would access through a traditional tablet or smartphone. You can use the technology to set up messaging apps, music playlists, social media profiles, and more when you connect it to your home Wi-Fi service.

It’ll give you an ultimate digital experience to your home’s walls. It has Thin Touch and Thin Touch Cast built-in, and this is the company’s proprietary easy to use technology. It gives uses two unique levels of experience, and you can choose from Smart 1 and Smart 2 when you use them.

The Thin Cast Smart Mirror is designed to be very innovative and stylish, and it’s packed with a decent amount of features that allows you to quickly and easily access all of your applications. You can power it from any 110-wall outlet, or you can buy the battery power pack to make it more portable. It provides you with a huge range of versatility that is very easy to use.

Smart 1 – Full Touch Screen Control Suite

The touch screen technology allows you full display control when you choose this option. You can easily check the weather, time, and email because these applications come preinstalled on the Smart 1 display. You can also expand this display to cover your favorite downloadable applications.

Smart 1 allows you to search from YouTube’s online video platform directly from your smart mirror. You can browse a huge range of channels, from fashion guides, beauty tutorials, and exercise to cooking, health, and DIY, without worrying about additional costs or subscription fees from Capstone.

You can choose from your preferred browsers like Chrome or Firefox to search the internet, download apps, watch videos, or listen to music. You can look up directions and check your commute times to school, work, or social events. You can stay up to date and browse from your favorite news sources. It also allows you to seamlessly pair your preferred Bluetooth devices like external speakers or headphones to the mirror.

Smart 2 – iOS or Android Experience Suite

You can toggle the to Smart 2 setting by accessing mirroring and casting capabilities in your mobile phone. All of the content is available on your smartphone, and you can seamlessly share it with your mirror display.

You can use Thin Cast technology to gain control and access to all of your Smart Phone Widgets and Apps using this mirror. Any user who is on the same Wi-Fi network as the smart mirror can securely and safely share the Smart Phone screen to the mirror. The mirror won’t store any data from your phone, and you can pick your favorite music directly from your phone and direct it to play right through the speakers on the mirror.

Your phone also allows you to access your preferred voice assistance when it’s in the proximity. Access your voice assistance using the Thin Cast feature. You can also view weather and traffic, listen to music, stream entertainment, run downloadable applications, access social media feeds, and much more.

Additional Features to Consider

Along with the main features we talked about, there are other features that you should consider with this device. Doing so can help you get the most out of it, including:

  • Integrated Speakers – The smart mirror comes with four integrated speakers that allow you to have audio and sound control capabilities. So, you never have to worry about not hearing your music or news.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi – Connect your phone or tablet using Bluetooth or WiFi. As long as you have a stable connection, you should be able to connect seamlessly.
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame – The aluminum frame is very lightweight and durable. It won’t scratch or dent with heavy use, and it gives the device a very sleek look and feels.
  • Easy Installation – This smart mirror comes with an easy to install mounting bracket. You also get all of the hardware you need to install the mirror without any specialized tools.
  • Power Adapter – You’ll get a power adapter included in the purchase at AC 120-volts and a 12-volt 4 A output.

Bottom Line

The Capstone Smart Mirror is an exciting product that is going to change how people interact with technology. You can look at the features and see whether or not this is a solid investment for your home.