Capstone Connected Smart Mirror

Capstone Connected Smart Mirror

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Capstone Connected is bridging the gap between everyday life and modern technology with WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled Smart Mirrors. The products deliver the ultimate mobile experience to any wall in your home. Designed with stylish and innovative features, the Thin Cast Smart Mirror enables users to access the internet, applications, and more. 


While the modern update to a traditional innovation is incredible, do not forget that at its most basic level, this tech product will always be a functional mirror. The standard Smart Mirror dimensions are 34” x 22” x 1.5”. The Wardrobe/Fitness Smart Mirror has dimensions of 59” x 22” x 1.5”. 


Powered from any wall outlet, the Smart Mirror provides versatility and is easy to use. Featuring Capstone Connected touch screen technology, Thin Touch, and our screen mirroring technology, Thin Cast, users enjoy two unique levels of experience: Smart 1 (Thin Touch) and Smart 2 (Thin Cast). 


Smart 1 – Thin Touch, Full Touch Screen Control Suite


The Smart Mirror’s Smart 1 display features Thin Touch technology enabling the user complete touch screen control in this option. With access to the internet and preferred applications, the potential uses are limitless. While the Smart Mirror will arrive with Firefox pre-installed as the default browser, one can download their preferred browser to search the internet. Expand your Smart Mirror’s capabilities to fit your preference when you download additional applications through the Android app store, APKPure. 


Smart 1 enables users to search and watch videos directly from their Smart Mirror through YouTube’s video platform. We want to paint a picture of unique uses for the Smart Mirror alongside Youtube that cannot be found anywhere else. Watch workout tutorials from the mirror while checking your reflection to ensure the exercise is being correctly executed. Search for a new recipe tutorial from a wall in the kitchen and cook alongside your favorite Youtuber while in Smart 1. Follow along to a makeup tutorial with the Smart Mirror as you get ready at your bathroom sink without having to switch your gaze from a screen to a traditional mirror. Enjoy this feature without any additional costs or subscription fees from Capstone Connected.


When in Smart 1, it is possible and easy to bookmark any website searched through a browser to the home screen for convenient retrieval. Bookmark your favorite blog, recipe, makeup tutorial, etc. Users can choose from a wide variety of widgets to display on their home screens. Capstone Connected’s Thin Touch technology makes customizing and organizing its home screen with apps and widgets simple with its intuitive and responsive design. 


Bluetooth devices can also be seamlessly paired with the Smart Mirror. Do you enjoy listening to news updates or a podcast while preparing for the day, but you do not want to disturb those sleeping in your house? Connect your Bluetooth headphones. Do you want to stream a video or music while you move about the home or have guests over? Your Bluetooth external speakers will effectively contribute to your Smart Mirror experience. Capstone Connected makes integrating your technology simple and advances the intelligence of your home.


Watch videos, listen to music, check your email, and more from any wall with the Smart 1 display.


Smart 2 – Thin Cast, iOS or Android Experience Suite

The Smart Mirror’s Smart 2 display features Thin Cast technology which enables the user to share their Android or iOS smartphone screen to the mirror. To utilize this display setting, the user needs to be on the same WiFi network as the Smart Mirror. Once this step is complete, one can easily cast content from their smartphone to the Smart Mirror’s screen. 


Any content accessible on your smartphone can be securely and safely shared to the Thin Cast display screen. It is important to note Capstone’s Smart Mirror does not store any data from your phone. 


When in the correct proximity, your phone enables you to access your preferred voice assistance the Thin Cast feature is in use. In Smart 2, users can view weather and traffic, listen to music, stream entertainment, run downloadable applications, access social media feeds, and much more when casting from their smart devices.


Additional Features to Consider

Along with the main features we talked about, there are other features that you should consider with this device. Doing so can help you get the most out of it, including:


  • Integrated Speakers – The Smart Mirror comes with four integrated speakers that enables you to access audio and sound control capabilities. Music, podcasts, and video audio are accessible through both the Smart 1 and Smart 2 display settings. 
  • Bluetooth and WiFi – Connect your phone or tablet using Bluetooth or WiFi. As long as you have a stable connection, you should be able to connect quickly with ease.
  • Anodized Aluminum Frame – Capstone Connected Smart Mirrors are constructed with aluminum frames, which are lightweight yet impressively durable. It will not scratch or dent with heavy use, and it gives the device a very sleek look and feels.
  • Easy Installation – Our Smart Mirror comes with an easy-to-install mounting bracket as well as all the necessary hardware. You also receive all of the hardware you need to install the mirror without any specialized tools.
  • Power Adapter – You will get a power adapter included in the purchase at AC 120-volts and a 12-volt 4 A output.
  • Smartphone Stand – When you receive the Smart Mirror, it will come with an anodized phone stand for proper landscape orientation and proximity to the phone’s microphone for voice assistance when using Smart 2.


Bottom Line


The Smart Mirror is an innovative product on route to evolve a core aspect of smart home technology. Engage in the future when you experience Capstone Connected’s modern solution to the traditional mirror.