The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror is Everything Your Bathroom Needs

The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror is Everything Your Bathroom Needs

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you owned your own smart bathroom mirror? You can peer into it as you start your day and find out how your commute will be or how the weather will turn out. The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror can give you all of this practical information to start your day off on the right foot. Capstone created this smart bathroom mirror that has touchscreen capabilities, and Google Assistant built right in, and we’ll outline why you should consider it below.

Defining a Smart Mirror

Smart mirrors give you a digital display encased in glass. They usually use Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to your smartphone. When you take a look at the display, you can get information like the time and date, daily weather forecasts, daily news, and local traffic reports along your chosen routes. They typically come with LED lights built into the design, and they let you adjust the warmth and color to give you the best lighting conditions for your needs. Some smart bathroom mirrors allow you to use Bluetooth to play music, access apps you have on your phone, and make phone calls.

Smart mirrors come with technology that is very popular for different applications, from fitness to beauty. Some smart mirrors can give you personalized information regarding makeup and skincare, and some offer workout guidance.

How Smart Bathroom Mirrors Work

A smart bathroom mirror comes with three main parts to it. They have a digital display, a two-way mirror, and a computer. Unlike a traditional mirror, a smart mirror requires light to pass through them from behind to allow you to see the display. This is why you need a two-way mirror, and they’re very similar to what you’d find in a police station.

Behind the pane of glass, you have a built-in digital display like a tablet or monitor screen. An internal computer powers this display. The computer will connect and sync the mirror with your home’s WiFi network, or it can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth. In turn, you get real-time information from the internet each time you use it.

Introducing Capstone’s Smart Bathroom Mirror

In 2020 in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, Capstone unveiled their first smart mirror. The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror is designed to function and perform just like a traditional tablet with voice and touchscreen interfaces. It also has Android’s operating system and internet access to allow it to let users download their favorite apps and perform hands-free tasks using Google Voice Assistant.

The touchscreen on this smart bathroom mirror lets consumers use Google Voice Assistant to check the traffic in the morning for their commute, browse social media, look at the latest beauty tutorials on YouTube, catch breaking news, and see local updates. You can ask Google to start the coffee maker or turn the lights on or off, or you can ask it to hear the morning news while you do your hair or brush your teeth. If you’re someone who wants to go straight to work mode, you can ask Google to give you access to Google’s full suite of applications to review a presentation or work notes in Google Drive.

The whole smart mirror’s functionality connects to the Capstone Connected Control Hub. It has a proprietary docking feature to easily integrate this Control Hub right into your smart mirror. You can use the Hub to set up social media profiles, messaging applications, music playlists, and much more when you connect it to your home’s WiFi. Any feature or program you can access using a traditional table or smartphone you can access through Capstone’s Connected Smart Mirror.

Once you finish setting up your smart mirror, you can quickly and easily slide the Hub into the correct place. It has a design that makes it a nice addition to hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, or entryways. Installation is very easy because you can hang it up like you would a traditional mirror, or you can easily put it on a tabletop surface or a vanity.

There is a full-touch keypad built into this smart mirror that lets you do the exact functions you’d do with a laptop or phone. You could technically write an entire report using it if you wanted. On a more realistic note, you could use it to manage all of your Google Drive files or reply to emails when you get ready in the morning. You can also use the Google Play store to download apps you need. However, not all apps will work with this mirror.

It can tell the difference between six voices. So, you could ask to get a particular file from your Google Drive, and then when your partner asks what the weather is going to do for the day, it’ll automatically switch out accounts to give the correct information regarding the weather to your spouse’s area, not yours.

The WiFi capabilities on this smart bathroom mirror let you connect to it from anywhere in your house, and this centralized Hub will work for any future Capstone products you get. You’ll get a stylish and sleek look, and there is very little indication that this product is a smart mirror until you choose to activate it.

Smart Mirror Advantages

It’s difficult to imagine how useful a smart bathroom mirror can be until you get one and use it. The biggest advantage of this piece of technology is that it will display a host of useful information without you needing to do anything specific or open apps. All you have to do is look at the mirror to see this information laid out for you.

For example, say you get the Capstone Connected Smart Mirror. Each morning you most likely get up and stand in front of your mirror as you get ready. While going through your typical morning routine, you can look at the day’s weather forecast, the traffic report, and your schedule for the day, all by glancing in the mirror.

Bottom Line

This smart bathroom mirror is something you should seriously consider if you want to upgrade your bathroom or any room in your house. Capstone is leading the charge with this technology, and you should try it out and see how it can enhance your life.