What Are the Advantages to Having a Smart Bathroom Mirror

What Are the Advantages to Having a Smart Bathroom Mirror

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Smart mirrors are some of the hottest products on the market today, especially models that can easily go into the bathroom. They have a digital display on them behind a sheet of glass, and they connect directly to your phone using WiFi or BlueTooth. You can get a host of information from them while you get ready for the day, and many of them come with LED lighting built into the design that lets you adjust the warmth and color to give you the best lighting for your needs.

Some mirrors will play music and let you access your phone’s apps or make calls wirelessly. Smart bathroom mirror technology is continuously evolving, and this allows you to use it for specific applications, including fitness and beauty. If you’re on the fence about getting a smart bathroom mirror and you want to know the biggest advantages of this technology, this is for you.

How Your Smart Bathroom Mirror Works

There are three components to any smart mirror, and they include a two-way mirror, a computer, and a digital display. Unlike a standard mirror, a smart mirror needs light to come through it from behind the glass so you can see the display. This is why it has to come fitted with a two-way mirror instead of a standard one.

Behind the sheet of glass, you’ll get a digital display built into it, and this is either a table or a monitor screen. The internal computer will power this display. The computer will connect to your phone using BlueTooth or your WiFi network. In turn, it can display real-time information and updates from the internet when you ask.

Advantages of Having a Smart Bathroom Mirror

Having a smart mirror in any room in your home comes with several advantages, but having one in your bathroom is surprisingly handy. Think about all you have to do in the morning as you rush through your routine to get out the door. Wouldn’t having an intuitive smart mirror right in front of your face that allows you to multitask be nice? There are several advantages, and we’re going to list out the biggest ones below.

1. Hands-Free Operation

Arguably, one of the biggest benefits of a smart bathroom mirror is that you have all of the information you need without having to have your hands free to open apps, scroll, or perform searches. Instead, the smart mirror’s hub will connect right to your Google profile and use voice to operate. You can ask for the weather or commute information, glance at the mirror to see the results, and keep moving through your morning routine without any complications or having to stop what you’re doing to slow you down.

2. Tailored Results

Newer smart mirrors allow you to have multiple profiles securely stored at one time. This ensures that you can get tailored results to your profile, wants, and needs when you look up information in the morning. For example, maybe you and your spouse are both getting ready, and they want to know their commute. They can switch to their profile to get tailored results, and you can switch back to your profile to get information about your commute. Each profile is secure, so you don’t have to worry about any data leaks.

3. Manage Your Morning Tasks

Maybe you’re someone who likes to take a few minutes to comb over any emails that came in after you left work the night before, or you’re on the lookout for an urgent email. Whatever the reason, a smart bathroom mirror allows you to log into your email, view them, and even respond using Voice technology as you get ready. This way, you’re ahead of the curve when you get out the door and actually start your workday.

4. Assistive Technology

When it comes to working to accommodate a person who has a physical problem that could prevent using a traditional computer setup difficult, this mirror comes in handy. Maybe you have to take longer in the morning to complete your routine due to these physical problems, so you feel very rushed to try and get through it and check on your projects or the weather. By being able to use Voice commands and directly access anything you have on your phone with a smart mirror, this simplifies your routine. In turn, you can start the day much less stressed while feeling more prepared.

5. Seamless

You’ll get seamless transitions between different screens with this style of mirror that make it very easy to use and incorporate into your daily routine. You can do your hair or makeup while looking at local weather reports, or you can finish shaving while you add the finishing touches to your project or presentation. A smart bathroom mirror comes with a very short learning curve to them, and they have a very responsive interface that allows you to seamlessly shift between tasks without having to stop and manually look for things.

6. Quick and Responsive

A smart bathroom mirror is extremely responsive and quick when you want them to do something, and it may not even require you to physically touch the mirror to pick icons or swap between tasks. Capacitive devices let you hover over the screen to trigger whatever command you want it to perform, and this helps keep your mirror smudge-free. So, you’ll get a clear field of view as you look in the mirror in the morning and get ready for the day while still being able to complete all of your tasks without any large delays.

Consider a Smart Bathroom Mirror

If you’re looking to upgrade your decor and save time in the morning all in one, consider adding this mirror to your bathroom. They’re durable, versatile, and you can unlock a host of features to make them work for you.