Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…The New Age Of Smart-Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…The New Age Of Smart-Mirrors


Capstone recently presented their first smart mirror at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas 2020. The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror performs and functions like a tablet with both touchscreen and voice interfaces, internet access and Android’s operating system that allows users to download apps and use Google Voice Assistant for a variety of hands-free tasks.

The Smart Mirror’s voice and touch screen allows consumers to check the morning traffic with Google Voice Assistant, catch the latest beauty blogs on YouTube, browse social media feeds, get updates on breaking news and much more.

Users can ask Google to turn on the lights and start the coffee maker or ask to hear the morning news briefing, all while brushing their teeth. For those who want to jump straight into work-mode, they can access the full suite of Google applications to check their commute time or review a presentation in Google Drive.

The functionality is driven by the Capstone Connected Control Hub, which is easily integrated into the mirror through its proprietary docking feature. The Hub can be used to set-up music playlists, messaging apps, social media profiles and much more when connected to wi-fi.

Anything accessed through a smartphone or tablet can be accessed through the Capstone Connected Smart Mirror. Once set-up is completed, users can slide the Hub back into place.

Its design lends itself to bathrooms, hallways, entryways or bedrooms. Installation is easy; it can be hung up like a traditional mirror or used with the stand to place it on a vanity or tabletop surface. The Smart Mirror is now available for preorder in a 19 x 22 inch size.

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