Make Every Part of Your Morning Routine Fun With Smart Mirrors

Make Every Part of Your Morning Routine Fun With Smart Mirrors

Regardless of whether you are single, married, have children or not – morning routines fall into one of three categories: monotonous, stressful, or time-sucking. Sometimes all three! Smart mirrors can combat mediocre morning routines and make things interesting for everyone.

Routine without smart mirrors 

Picture this scenario – the alarm clock goes off and you jump out of bed to exercise. Same routine day in, day out. The radio is on as you head to the shower and you wait a few minutes hoping to catch the weather and traffic reports before you step in because you can’t be late to the office. You can’t wait any longer so you hop in the shower and then run to the kitchen to start the coffee and start the oven for breakfast. You hurry as you still need to shave, comb your hair, get dressed, pour the coffee and eat that breakfast.

You switch on the TV only to find you have missed the most recent traffic and weather updates. Perhaps you will hear the info in the car on the way in, and hopefully the traffic report will happen in time to avoid any major slowdowns. The coffee pot is taking forever to brew and now you are running late and you step outside to find it’s drizzling. Sound familiar? Not the best way to start your day.

Routine with smart mirrors

Instead, this is the scenario our Smart Mirror users enjoy – the alarm clock goes off and you jump out of bed to exercise. You activate your smart mirror and have a fun workout. While shaving you see that there has been a detour due to an accident on the way to work, but you are now prepared for the alternate route. And you have caught up on office email and checked your calendar for the day while styling your hair. Because you checked the weather on the mirror, you bring your umbrella to stay out of the drizzle. You are ready to tackle this day thanks to the efficiency provided by your smart mirror and your smart home!

Your smart mirror can also display makeup tutorials, hairstyling tips, fashion ideas. If you love listening to music while getting ready, you can sync to your favorite bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy your favorite tunes! 

With Capstone Connected Smart Mirrors, your morning routine will never be the same again. You can play the kids’ favorite video to distract them from arguing while they brush their teeth and comb their hair, freeing you up from being a referee to attend to other important chores so you all get out the door on time. The increase in fun and efficiency that’s added to your morning routine is almost limitless! To learn more about Capstone Connected Smart Mirrors visit our website now.