Ideas for Using Your Smart Mirror in the Kitchen

Ideas for Using Your Smart Mirror in the Kitchen

The integration of a Capstone Connected smart mirror in the kitchen will make anyone the home chef, foodie, or host of the family! Stylish in design and versatile in function, a smart mirror will enhance any kitchen design and ramp up the cooking and entertaining experience to the next level.


Brighten the Room

Aesthetically speaking, a smart mirror strategically placed in the kitchen can enhance the look and feel of even the smallest kitchen, making it appear larger and brighter. Properly placed, these stylish mirrors also allow the cook to see what’s going on behind them so they feel included.


Read Recipes More Easily

Whether you’re a new cook learning the basics or an experienced home chef, one of the most challenging tasks is trying to read a printed recipe while preparing a dish. Recipe cards get dirty, and it’s easy to lose one’s place. Magazine ink starts to smudge, and pages tear after repeated usage resulting in increased cooking time and messy, sticky files. Imagine how amazing it would be to view the recipe on a big screen. A purposefully placed smart mirror in the kitchen is the answer! Using either voice control or a touch on the screen, pull up saved recipe files, search for new ones, and display them while cooking hands-free and mess-free!


Cook with Celebrity Chefs

Have a favorite chef or cooking show? Easily access them via YouTube or a favorite cooking channel and cook along. Learning new cooking skills while practicing them enhances the total chef experience and helps to master techniques already learned. It’s a fun way to learn, and the results are sure to be yummy! Bonus: check on the weather, traffic, news, and email at any time during the cook.


Sync it to Other Smart Home Tech

Hands covered in ingredients and forgot to preheat the oven? No problem when the smart mirror is synced via Bluetooth to the smart oven. Using hands-free voice control, turn on the oven and continue along with meal prep. No fuss and no stopping to wash hands. That’s a win-win situation.


Synced to the baby monitor or security cameras, a smart mirror allows the cook to keep a watchful eye on the kids playing outside or on the baby in the nursery without having to stop and go check on what they’re doing. See who’s at the front door and watch for that urgent delivery of a forgotten spice for the recipe. This enables the cook to multitask without leaving the kitchen, adding efficiency to the many merits of installing a smart mirror in the kitchen.


Play Music from the Mirror

Party people know that music is the hidden backbone of a successful event! Connect your mirror to Spotify, Apple Music, or your music app of choice to access your favorite playlists. Control speaker volume throughout the entertainment spaces with a simple touch of the screen or via voice control. Display music videos, collages, or movies on connected screens so no one misses anything as they mingle from room to room and control everything from your kitchen smart mirror.


Capstone Connected smart mirrors bring style, function, efficiency, and fun to the home kitchen and entertainment scene. Learn more by clicking here, and discover the Capstone difference!