How Smart Mirrors Can Streamline Working from Home

How Smart Mirrors Can Streamline Working from Home

Working from home and juggling family life has become an art form for many families. Finding the perfect location to set up shop in your house, unless you have a designated office, has probably required negotiating for space that doesn’t impede the normal functionality of your home. Strategic placement of a smart mirror in your home office will streamline your efficiency and consolidate your work footprint.  

Clear your work space

Your smart mirror connects to your internet provider through WiFi. Bluetooth capability enables connection to your smartphone. Pull up your emails, texts and voicemail messages with ease. Synced to your phone’s voice assist, you can have them read aloud and respond effortlessly. No need to constantly have your smartphone, tablets, or paper calendars cluttering your desk space. 

Manage time efficiently

You can open apps and leave them viewable on your smart mirror so you may gather data without closing screens on your laptop or losing time switching between screens. Your touch screen enabled smart mirror provides time-saving functionality so you can manipulate between apps on its large screen. Multitasking becomes much easier when you can easily view and manage your calendar, emails or texts, leaving your PC or laptop free to focus on your workload. Think of your smart mirror like a personal assistant! 

Let your smart mirror do it

Your time-saving smart mirror can be used to control other smart appliances in your smart home, so you can start a fresh pot of coffee without having to leave your desk. See who’s at the front door, keep an eye on your security cameras or baby cam, or make a grocery list from your refrigerator’s contents all with a simple voice command that will not take you away from your desk.

While the kids may have returned to school, numerous employers have discovered that continuing to allow employees to work from home reduces company overhead and that employee efficiency increases. With a smart mirror installed in your home office your boosted efficiency and productivity will outshine that of your colleagues!

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