How much does the mirror weigh?

The mirror weighs approximately 10 pounds.

How easy is it to move the mirror from the wall bracket to the stand?

The wall bracket is a simple slide-in design and the same for the free-standing stand. The mirror can easily be moved between stand and wall for convenience and flexibility.

Does the free-standing stand adjust?

The free-standing stand is adjustable allowing the Smart Mirror to tilt back and forth.

Can Bluetooth devices be connected to the Smart Mirror?

Yes, provided that the tablet being used to display on the mirror has Bluetooth capabilities.

Can I make phone calls using the Smart Mirror?

There is no sim card slot to add phone service in the Smart Mirror.  Depending on your customization, there are numerous communication apps that can be downloaded onto the Smart Mirror.  (i.e. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype).

Does the mirror have speakers?

Yes, the Smart Mirror has four integrated speakers

Am I required to use the Voice Assistant?

No. The Smart Mirror has touch screen.

Can I surf the web and download apps?

Yes, you can download numerous apps ranging from various categories (i.e. music, social, fitness, & plenty more).  You can also surf the web with the built-in Internet Browser (i.e.,,

Is the mirror display screen always on?

The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror has two distinct functions. It is a regular LED mirror when switched off or a smart display when switched on.

Can I password protect the mirror?

The mirror can be set to the “lock screen” from the System Setting’s menu. You can also disable the password requirements for instant access.

Is the mirror screen always on?

You can hide the mirror’s display so it can be used like a regular mirror, or keep the display on.

How do I clean the mirror?

We recommend using a gentle, non-abrasive screen cleaner and wiping the mirror with a microfiber cloth.