How much does the mirror weigh?

The mirror weighs approximately 10 pounds.

How easy is it to move the mirror from the wall bracket to the stand?

The wall bracket is a simple slide-in design and the same for the free-standing stand. The mirror can easily be moved between stand and wall for convenience and flexibility.

Does the free-standing stand adjust?

The free-standing stand is adjustable allowing the Smart Mirror to tilt back and forth.

Is the Smart Mirror portable?

The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror contains a rechargeable lithium Ion Battery and may be used in different areas of your home or office whether AC power is available.

Is it okay to install the Smart Mirror in a small bathroom where a shower could cause moisture to form?

Simply wipe the mirror clean but don’t be concerned about water damage. The mirror is sealed and designed to meet an IP64 rating protects from water splashing on the surface, so moisture and water beading should not be an issue.

Do I have to plug in the Smart Mirror and install with an electrical outlet in proximity?

If you use the AC Adapter, then you will not have to be concerned with recharging the batteries. If you want to display the mirror in an area where a power outlet is not accessible, the rechargeable batteries will provide power to the mirror. A recharging indicator with color coding has been designed/integrated into the mirror. Depending on usage, the time between charges will vary.

Can Bluetooth devices be connected to the Smart Mirror?

Yes, provided that the tablet being used to display on the mirror has Bluetooth capabilities.

Can I make phone calls using the Smart Mirror?

There is no sim card slot to add phone service in the Smart Mirror.  Depending on your customization, there are numerous communication apps that can be downloaded and visible on the integrated HDMI display.  (i.e., Skype).

Does the mirror have speakers?

Yes, there are speakers on the left and right side of the frame.

Am I required to use the Voice Assistant?

No. The Smart Mirror has touch screen.

Can I insert my Smartphone or Ipad into the mirror?

The mirror’s docking system is configured to accommodate the Capstone Tablet.

Can I surf the web and download apps?

Yes, the experience on the mirror is no different than a tablet or your smart phone.

Is the mirror display screen always on?

The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror has two distinct functions. It is a regular LED mirror when switched off or a smart display when switched on.

Can I use the mirror while the Capstone Tablet is disconnected?

The LED light strips are fully functional of whether the tablet is docked. The mirror was designed this way realizing there are times when you will be using your handheld tablet outside of the mirror.

Can I password protect the mirror?

The mirror can be set to the “lock screen” from the System Setting’s menu. You can also disable the password requirements for instant access.

Is the mirror screen always on?

The mirror can be manually turned off or you can select the “lock screen” button to lock the mirror. Depending on your preference, you can adjust the System Settings to have the screen stay on or go to sleep mode.

Do I have to charge the Capstone Tablet separately from the mirror?

You can charge the tablet with the included USB-C cable and adapter when it is not inserted in the docking system. When it is in the docking system, all power sources in the mirror are charged through the AC power plug.

How do I clean the mirror?

We recommend using a gentle, non-abrasive screen cleaner and wiping the mirror with a microfiber cloth.

What do I do if I received a defective order?

If your order is defective, notification of the defective product must be received within 30 days from receipt of the shipping confirmation e-mail.
Please see return policy for additional details.

What is the return policy?

No returns will be accepted or processed without a formal Capstone return authorization number which will be issued directly from our Customer Care Department.  In order to obtain this number, please email or dial our toll-free customer service number at 1.888.570.8889.

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

You may return most new, unopened items sold and fulfilled by the Company, within 30 days of delivery for a full or partial refund as long as the product is returned in original condition with all accessories included.  Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded.  Customer is responsible for return of the unit insured and freight prepaid.  The credit card used for the original purchase will be credited within the next monthly billing cycle. The 90-Day Limited Warranty included with the product applies from the original date of purchase.  Parts and accessories are non-refundable.  Items should be returned in their original product packaging.

We reserve the right to provide necessary repair, exchange, replace, or upgrade a product, at our option, as opposed to providing a monetary refund.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Currently we do not ship to international locations; therefore, we will not accept orders for shipments outside of the United States.

What do I do if I never received my order?

In the rare event that your order never arrives, notification of lost items must be received within 30 days from receipt of the shipping confirmation e-mail.

Where are you located?

Our corporate office is in Deerfield Beach, Florida 33341.

How do I earn my early adopter participation credit, $100.00, value?

In order to receive your early adopter participation credit of $100.00, you must complete (1) one written marketing survey and (1) one phone interview.

Will the $100.00 early adopter credit be issued as cash?

No. Any participant who completes the written survey and phone interview will receive a $100.00 Visa gift card.

How do I contact your company if my question(s) aren’t answered here?

Please email or dial our toll-free customer service number at 1.888.570.8889.

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.