Essential Pieces for Building a Smart Home

Essential Pieces for Building a Smart Home

Many households have incorporated various smart devices into their homes to make life easier. The world of smart technology is constantly growing and our smart devices are now capable of so much more. Integration of the following essential pieces for building a smart home will completely enhance your lifestyle.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Smart refrigerators are energy efficient and high-performing appliances. They can often store recipes, monitor their own contents and even alert consumers regarding maintenance issues and times for replacement filters. Many smart refrigerators allow users to view inside without opening the door; others have separate compartments that give access to frequently used beverages without opening the entire unit. The addition of downloadable apps also permit these refrigerators to share a calendar and live stream.

Smart stoves enable consumers to start cooking even when they are not home. Through utilization of an app, temperature control, timing, and even moisture can be controlled. Smart technology also provides for ovens to be separated into two distinct cooking methods i.e.: convention and broiling, can occur simultaneously.

Around the House

Smart laundry machines can also be controlled by an app providing the flexibility to start laundry from anywhere alleviating the stress of scheduling shower times or dishwasher times to avoid running out of hot water. 

Smart televisions are one of the more popular smart home devices on this list. They provide access to the internet, streaming services, and standard channels in one location. Some allow families to play games and share screens with family and friends.

Smart locks are an essential piece of building a smart home. They provide easy access into the home especially when hands are full or during inclement weather. Smart locks afford customers the luxury of entering the home without struggling for keys or shifting packages from hand to hand. Once inside, doors can be locked and re-open with a simple voice command or click of a button from an accompanying app.

Smart mirrors are the front-runners to essential smart devices for building a smart home. They are dual-functioning and are aesthetically pleasing wherever they are placed. Capstone smart mirrors provide clear reflective images and interactive applications simultaneously. Imagine being able to view a make-up tutorial and practicing in real-time on the same device. Smart mirrors sync with other smart devices to permit access to calendars, live-streaming and can be used with exercise apps. Capstone smart mirrors are both WiFi and Bluetooth enabled making use in any room and with any compatible device a snap.

Essential pieces for building a smart home are serious considerations for existing homeowners and for those building a home from the ground up. Visit Capstone Connected  to view options you need to consider in building your smart home. Be sure to look at all options available to improve your lifestyle and add value to your home.