Capstone’s Google-Enabled Smart Mirror Is Something Straight out of Minority Report

Capstone’s Google-Enabled Smart Mirror Is Something Straight out of Minority Report


The phrase “Doing ____ is like reinventing the wheel” isn’t something I say often, but when it comes to something as simple as a mirror, you’d never think they could truly evolve. But here we are in 2020, and Capstone Connected, a designer of consumer products that attempt to bring tech to everyday necessities managed to do that with their Smart Mirror.

Complete with Google functionality, the Capstone Connected Smart Mirror resembles a mirror but with tablet-like functions, complete with both touchscreen and voice compatibility. Built on the Android operating system, you can download apps and use GoogleVoiceAssistant to ask for anything from “how long will my commute by to work” to “Youtube that makeup tutorial”.

Now, I’m not one to stand in front of a mirror that often, but on the surface, this technology is absolutely brilliant, and I feel like its one of those understated CES products that will certainly wow on the showroom floor, I just really would love to see it in someones home (preferably mine) to use in everyday life. You can set up routines and shortcuts, customize the launcher or browser, and even configure the apps you want on the main screen. Somehow, I feel like my wife will get more of a kick out of saying Hey Google, Good Morning” to the Smart Mirror than she does the Nest Hub that sits in our bedroom.

Created to integrate into any space (not just a bathroom), its modern design would look great in a hallway, entryway, or even above a vanity. Available in 19″ x22″ right now, there are more options slated in the future. You can purchase the Smart Mirror for $599 at the Capstone Connected site.

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