Capstone’s Android-Powered Smart Mirror Is Now Available

Capstone’s Android-Powered Smart Mirror Is Now Available


If you’ve been looking for a way to catch up on your YouTube playlists or the news while getting ready without having to look away from your mirror, Capstone has released a product that might be what you’re looking for. Its Smart Mirror functions similarly to an Android tablet, Capstone suggests. The company announced the device at CES last year and it’s now available for purchase.

It works as both a touchscreen device and a hands-free system, the latter due to Google Assistant integration. You can access various Google services through the Smart Mirror, so you might get through some of your email, check your calendar or get an idea of how busy traffic will be on your commute — all while getting through your morning routine.

Since it’s an Android-based system, you’ll be able to download apps (so you might use services like Netflix and Spotify). You can control various smart home devices too.

It’s all powered by the Capstone Connected Hub, a control center you can remove from the back of the mirror to set everything up and manage apps more easily. Whatever is on the hub at a given time is displayed on the mirror’s surface.

The Smart Mirror can recognize up to six different voices, so different family members can access information tied to their personal Google accounts. Capstone says Google account details will remain private and only available to authenticated users.

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