Are Smart Mirrors Worth It?

Are Smart Mirrors Worth It?

Today’s homeowners are counting pennies more closely than they have in the past 40 years. Inflation has impacted everyone’s budget. At first glance, the purchase of a smart mirror may appear to be a luxury purchase. The reality is that a smart mirror integrated into a smart home can save the average homeowner a lot of time and money. The initial cost of a Capstone Connected Mirror ranges from $899 – $1099 for our two most popular styles. While that price may give the potential buyer pause, let’s explore the benefits of utilizing a smart mirror to its fullest savings potential.

In the long run, will a smart mirror save me money?

A smart mirror’s versatility allows it to function as the home’s central hub for all smart devices. Smart thermostats, lighting, and irrigation systems can be programmed to monitor consumption of these resources. Smart home owners often find that better regulation results in reduction of monthly utility costs.

The real estate market supports that smart homes are bringing higher resale prices, with buyers adding smart home technology to their “must have” list when looking for a new home. Investing in smart home technology today is an investment you will not regret down the line.

Will I see savings right away?

You can see immediate savings when buying a smart mirror, especially if you’re a gym-goer. If daily life is busy and you had every intention of getting to the gym but don’t make it more often than not, your smart mirror can rescue you. Smart mirror technology is quickly replacing the home gym. Post-pandemic many are choosing not to return to the gym at all.

With a small footprint, smart mirrors take up little to no floor space and allow you the privacy and convenience of exercising on your own time, in your own space. You can join a class or download and view a favorite trainer and still feel connected to the fitness world while saving your family costly membership fees. Everyone stays healthy and fit, and your bank account is much happier.

Can you put a price on time?

Getting dressed and ready to walk out the door for work or school is time consuming for many because they must spread their focus between their grooming routine, checking the morning news, weather and traffic reports, looking at the daily calendar, and starting the coffee, to name a few tasks.

Using a smart mirror mounted in the ensuite consolidates all of these chores to a central location! After a simple sync to a smartphone, everything you need is displayed on the smart mirror without obstructing the reflection, so shaving, applying makeup and styling hair can continue. A smart coffee pot can start the morning brew without leaving the room. For Capstone customers, saving time is saving money.

Capstone Connected explores the benefits of a smart home and the integral support provided by a smart mirror. Check us out, you will be glad you did!