Mirror Accessories

Thin Cast Bluetooth Remote Control and Touchpad

  • Navigate the Smart Mirror without having to touch the mirror’s display.
  • Simple Bluetooth pairing to Capstone’s Thin Cast Smart Mirror for use in Smart 1 or pair directly to your iOS/Android phone for use in Smart 2 while casting.
  • Perfect for day-to-day use while working out, playing music, entertaining guests, and more!
  • Multifunctional touchpad allows you to move onscreen cursor and scroll through websites with ease.
  • Volume and Media Controls – Skip to the next track and turn up the volume!
  • Included USB-C cable to recharge lithium-ion battery.


    Thin Cast Battery Pack

    • Rechargeable ThinCast Battery Pack provides power to your Smart Mirror when there isn’t a power outlet nearby.
    • Simply charge the Battery Pack using the Smart Mirror’s power adapter. The Battery Pack will supply up to 5 hours of runtime to the Smart Mirror.
    • Adhesive mounting pads are included.


    • Input Type-C12V-4A
    • Output USB 12V-4A  21000mAh


    This battery pack is ONLY compatible with Capstone’s Thin Cast Smart Mirror.

    DO NOT connect any other electronics to the battery pack (i.e., Smartphones, tablets, etc.) as this could permanently damage the device.