About Capstone Industries

About Capstone Industries

Capstone Industries, Inc, better known as Capstone, is a manufacturer, designer, and distributor of a consumer-inspired produce lineup that works to bridge today’s technology-forward lifestyle with the newest innovations. This is why Capstone excels at producing very consumer-friendly products in the areas of security, power failure control, induction charging, and home LED lighting. The goal is to have the sleekest and most useful products on the market, and they’re constantly evolving. 

Over the past decade, this company has managed to make a big and positive impact on the LED lighting niche. Recently, Capstone has started to focus a lot of attention to a new category that allows them to seamlessly demonstrate how good the company is at engineering, product design, and low-cost production. They’re continually expanding their product range for the technologically-savvy audience. Additionally, you can find Capstone products online or at several popular big-box retailers like Sam’s Club, Costco, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and Office Depot. 

Capstone Industries Embraces Innovative Technology

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Capstone introduced the newest product in its portfolio — Capstone Connected. This is a sub-brand of the original Capstone Industries, Inc. The pandemic delayed product development and product availability, but the company continues to push forward with new options for consumers. 

This product lineup had the main goal of helping consumers bridge the gap between everyday life and technology, and they accomplished this by showcasing their connected service products. In July 2021, Capstone released several smart home devices that they hoped would keep people connected during this “new normal” for millions of people. 

Product Lineup

Thanks to its dedication to consumer-driven innovation, Capstone has developed an expansive market presence over the past 10 years. The most popular product lineups from Capstone Industries include: 

LED Lighting

Capstone broke out into the market as an early leader in creating and offering LED lighting solutions that were much lower cost than what was currently available. They continue to put a heavy emphasis on creating innovative LED products while expanding the offerings in the Smart Home niche. 

LED Accent Light Bars with Remotes

The LED Accent Light Bars are an excellent way to get a reliable source of light in any area of your home or business. As a bonus, this product is very portable and easy to operate. There is no wiring required, and this cuts down on any installation costs because you can do it on your own. These are very compact lights that come with magnetic mounting plate adhesives to allow you to put them virtually anywhere you like. 

When you order them, you’ll get remote controls for several lights. There are dimmer presets that make it very quick and easy to adjust how bright your lights are at any given time. They also have a timer feature that allows users to set times when the lights will switch off automatically. 

Smart Mirror

Capstone’s Smart Mirror can take on the functions of a tablet, and it offers both voice interfacing with a touch screen. The mirrors also have an operating system that is powerful enough to run downloadable applications while offering internet access. The goal of the company was to break your connection to your tablet or phone while giving you a way to access important content whenever you want. 

Smart Mirror Lineup

The Capstone Connected Smart Mirror is the next step in the natural progression of the more basic mirror. It works to address the need for customized capabilities that fit seamlessly into a traditional mirror that you can mount on your wall or sit on your floor. 

Capstone is effortlessly blending technology into works and living spaces with their standard and workout smart mirror offerings. You can customize your choice based on your needs, and they even have portable battery packs that you can use to pick up the mirrors and take them from room to room as you need to. 

Keep an Eye on Capstone Industries

Going forward, Capstone Industries, Inc. will be the company to watch. With promising product lineups and a dedication to improving how technology blends with everyday life, you’re going to want to watch for the next product release and see how it can fit into your life.